Space Technology Series

Space Mission Analysis and Design

SMAD Core, Core Capabilities for Space Mission Analysis and Design

Edited By: Larson

Date: 2015

This electronic version of SMAD CORE provides focus on selected information in Space Mission Analysis and Design, 3rd Edition, Third Printing, 1999, and provides updates and amplification where appropriate.

This book will provide you with the process, tools and data to begin with a "blank sheet of paper" and design a space mission in sufficient detail to identify key drivers and make a preliminary assessment of overall performance, size, cost, and risk.

As much as possible, we have provided physical and engineering data, rules of thumb, empirical formulas, and design algorithms based on past experience. It's assumed that readers have a general knowledge of physics, math, and basic engineering, but is not necessarily familiar with any aspect of astronautics and space technology.

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Experienced systems engineers

Graduate-level systems engineering students

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