Hands-On Space Mission Design Exercise

Learn by doing! Adopted by NASA Headquarters as the NASA Engineering Training (NET) Design Exercise

Participants will be divided into competing groups and given real-life mission objective to conceptually design a mission and systems to meet objectives at an acceptable lifecycle cost. Each group will use a structured systems engineering approach to develop a mission concept and supporting architecture to meet the stated mission objectives. Participants will use the references and tools that they bring to the exercise, resources available in your design center, and resources provided by TSTI. Each group is expected to develop a credible design, perform a lifecycle cost estimate, and identify critical requirements and system drivers for their concept. The product of the exercise is a one-hour presentation of a technical proposal where participants will be expected to defend their design decisions. Each participant will receive feedback on their interpersonal and team leadership skills as well as their technical design.

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UMMSD — VMS 240/250


3-5 days



Intact teams

Design groups

Proposal teams

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