Space Technology Series

Cost Effective Space Mission Operations

Edited By:

Squibb, Boden & Larson

Date: 2006, Second Edition

Cost-Effective Space Mission Operations describes the relationship between mission operations and the other elements of the space mission as well as specific operations tasks. This book defines a process that helps the mission operations manager translate mission objectives and requirements into a viable mission operations concept. The mission operations manager must develop this operations concept early enough, during concept exploration, so that the project manager can trade the future cost of operations against current development costs.

Cost-Effective Space Mission Operations includes detailed descriptions of thirteen mission operations functions, provides a process for developing a mission operations concept, and describes a model for evaluating the cost and complexity of an operations system. The book also covers how to conduct routine, launch and early-orbit, and special operations, as well as how to operate interplanetary, international, microsatellite, and crewed missions.

Print pages: 714 pages / Learning Solutions


Program managers

Spacecraft engineers and designers

Project scientists and operators

Graduate-level systems engineering students

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