Applied Project Management for Space Systems

Edited By:

Chelsey, Larson, McQuade, Menrad

Date: 2008, First Edition / CEI

Applied Project Management for Space Systems is the 16th book produced by the US Air Force Academy’s Space Technology Series. The "best-of-the-best" performing project managers have contributed their experience and lessons learned to this project. Forty-eight authors with over 400 years of collective experience in managing space projects have contributed to this book.

The purpose of Applied Project Management for Space Systems is to provide inspiration, processes, tools, and information for the project managers that are leading the way in complex space-system design, development, and operation. It augments the superb general project management information and approaches offered by the Project Management Institute and a host of other books.

Applied Project Management for Space Systems presents approaches for managing complex space projects, along with information that’s intended to help the aspiring or current project manager move to a higher level of understanding and performance. It’s meant for practitioners as they work through projects, but may also serve as a primary text or reference for graduate-level courses and development programs. Many space-related case studies, samples, and lessons learned are spread throughout the book to supply readers with historical insights to manage and guide current space project.

Inkling ebook/ Available on your Mac or PC; Downloadable on iPad, iPhone or Android.

Printed Book: 752 pages.


Experienced systems engineers

Graduate-level systems engineering students

Aspiring or young systems engineers

Technical project managers

Companion text

Applied Space Systems Engineering

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