Shooting the Moon


Daniel R. Andrews

Edited By:


Date: 2014, First Edition

This is an unusual book about an unusual mission to find water on the moon.

The LCROSS mission had a noble purpose, but with little time and money, we had to do things differently.

My goal with this book is to let you inside the project to see the world through the eyes of the project manager. How we did what we did. Why we did what we did. I suspect you will find lessons that apply to project work anywhere.

The stories within come from the many notes I took over the course of the mission. They include my personal reflections, observations, assessments, learning, techniques, and recommendations. The chapters are sometimes analytical and procedural, and at other times observational, reflective, amusing, and absurd.

It was a great honor to lead the LCROSS team, we all learned and played harder than we probably thought we could. We became a force and a pathfinder, all while forging friendships that will last a lifetime. On behalf of the LCROSS team, I hope the stories and learning captured within this book are valuable and amusing to others.

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Experienced systems engineers

Graduate-level systems engineering students

Aspiring or young systems engineers

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