Space Systems Verification and Validation: A Satellite Hardware Laboratory

A Satellite Hardware Laboratory

This course is intended to provide participants with the processes, information, and tools necessary to implement a credible validation, verification, integration and test program. Using a fully functional (though not space qualified) satellite, participants will be exposed to NASA and DoD standards, lessons-learned, tools and experiences in validation and verification. The EyasSAT™ benchtop satellite has all of the major subsystems of any operational satellite, and serves as a testbed/instructional tool throughout the laboratory. Teams will implement verification and validation steps as the satellite is built up from subsystem level to final system integration and test. Examples of the required documentation will be provided and analyzed by participants so they are familiar with the information they will receive from contractors and/or government offices. The course will draw from standards and processes from a variety of sources (including SP-6105, MSFC Work Instruction 8050.1e, Mil Std 1540 D, Mil HB 340A, NPG 8730.4, NPG 8705.2,), and use information from other Government and industry databases. The applicability of different standards to various missions and systems will be addressed. Participants are provided with key lectures and resources and asked to use these processes, tools and information to develop validation and verification plans and then implement them in a hands-on laboratory where they will learn by doing. To this end, participants are introduced to the hardware and software associated with a system of interest (in this case a spacecraft), along with an end-to-end set of requirements, constraints, plans and procedures.

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Young engineers

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